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June 3, 2017

Rendering Tip for Interior Spaces


The hottest item in floors has got to be patterned cement tiles. These beauties are on walls and backsplashes in kitchens and baths. Using these tiles in interior spaces seems to come with an unidentified style. Would the style be Moroccan, vintage, classic, contemporary or a mix of it all? You tell me.

When I started drawing the floor tile in this bathroom, I felt like it was too busy and took away from the rest of the space. I drew this bathroom twice wondering if I should include all of the floor patterns in the rendering. After showing the designer both options, she wanted to go with less pattern, and I agreed. When you’re trying to show a space to a client, you don’t want to scare them away with too much, but yet you want them to see the full design, so the solution is to render a portion of the pattern. When I first started rendering years ago, I made sure everything in the space was rendered leaving little white space. Over time I realized it wasn’t necessary to show it all and showing a portion of rendered space was satisfactory, and the client still got the gist of what the room would look like in the end. Take a look at both, the rendering and line drawing to see the difference.

Rendering Tip: Don’t render it all, leave white space. This tip applies to rendering walls, floors, rugs, etc. When I do my next project, I will render a portion of the room to show what I am describing in this post.

Portion of floor drawn and rendered (above)

Full pattern was drawn (above)

I found a new place to get cement tile for future projects that won’t break your pocketbook, check out Riad Tile. Great price, great look, for half the cost! Yeaauuuhhh!

Need a hand rendering for your interior space? I can help with that, contact me here and let’s chat about your project today.


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