Hi there, I am glad you found your way to my website! I'm Shannin, I'm an interior designer and rendering artist who works with designers to sell their ideas by creating unique hand renderings for their interior and exterior spaces.


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May 18, 2017

Where I am now



Hi there, I’m Shannin…

I am glad you made it to this blog post.

I am an interior designer, educator, adventurer, tiny house lover, cupcake lover and I have a love for hand rendered spaces. I currently work part time as a commercial interior designer at my alma mater, Stephen F. Austin State University (SFASU). I love my job there, and I love the people I work with and serve.

I want to tell you a little more about me so we can get that out of the way because who likes talking about themselves right? I graduated with my masters degree in interior design from SFASU in 2010. I wrote a thesis for my research project in graduate school and decided after graduation I needed a break. During that break, I decided to open my interior design studio, Two & Three Designers, to express all of my creative outlets. I dabbled in residential interior design and soon found my niche in kitchen and bath design. I completed lots of jobs in that area of design and loved every one of them including my clients. During this journey I realized something…my clients didn’t have a visual bone in their body!! I would explain my design ideas over and over to them, but the concept would go right over their heads. If my clients were visual people they wouldn’t be hiring me right? While learning this, I realized it was my job to fill the gap for my clients to visually see my idea for their space. How did I achieve this? Sketching. I would sketch and hand render my clients spaces so they could see the outcome before making decisions regarding their project. Don’t get me wrong, this method is not new to us interior designers in the field but what I realized is that my clients LOVED the hand renderings, so much they were willing to pay me extra money for them! Since they liked it so much, I decided to get all professional on my next project and generate a computer 3D rendering for my client’s space. It was a FAIL!  They didn’t even respond. I put more effort and work into the computer rendering than I ever had a hand rendering and they just didn’t like it. The computer rendering didn’t provide the “ohhhhh” and the “ahhhh’s” like the hand rendering did. My clients loved the personal touch the hand rendering added to their project. They felt it was a piece of art and they wanted to keep it, so I let them. Some of my clients even framed the rendering (wow, I was becoming popular).

Where I am now….

Since this big epiphany of mine, I realized the importance of these hand renderings and decided to focus on a service that offers just that, hand rendered spaces. I work with interior designers, architects, contractors, wedding planners, real estate agents, and other like-minded people to create unique visual presentations for their design projects. With that being said, if you need anything hand rendered I can assist you with it.

My work is completed on the highest quality paper with the highest quality mediums available. Believe me, I searched the world high and low for the best products and found them (I will share them in another post later). I use a combination of markers, colored pencils, pens, pastels, and more to achieve the look that most reflects the designer’s idea. When the final rendering is completed, I touch it up on the computer giving it a sharp, cohesive look.

My style of rendering is unique to me. I have created my own techniques and have adopted some from others. As the quote says, “standing on the shoulders of giants” has given me the opportunity to learn hand rendering skills from the best. I will share those “giants” with you in another post, but in the meantime, I am always improving my skill and practicing new techniques to make my projects even more appealing.

I still practice commercial interior design at SFASU, and I still take clients on the side, but I am selective with the projects I choose to work with. I have shifted my time to helping other designers create amazing visuals for their proposals through hand renderings. In the near future, I plan on creating online classes for the ones that want to learn to hand render on their own.

Visit my new website here, see my price list here, and take a look at my portfolio here. I am always adding more to my portfolio so make sure you revisit it often.

Most importantly if you are interested in working with me, contact me here for a quick quote. Can’t wait to chat!



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