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hi there, i'm shannin

An interior designer, rendering artist and educator, working with designers alike selling their design proposals through creative client presentations. Having a keen eye for visual design (and being a perfectionist) it became vital for me to share the knowledge I learned through years of design experience with fellow interior designers, teaching them to create stunning client presentations while elevating their work to a professional level.



From time, designers are made to speak volumes in the minds of its viewers, this is what we call visual communication. A designers true worth and level of creativity solely depends on how well they master the art of visual communication. We specialize in creating interior and exterior visualizations through hand rendered spaces for your design proposals that clearly illustrate your ideas to your clients.


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Are you ready to create killer flat lays for your interior design projects? Introducing the...

Through creative storytelling, the flat lay Workshop will show you how to make beautiful flat lays for your client presentations that capture every last texture, color, and design element while staying true to your vision.

Flat lays have been used many ways but have never been geared towards interior design until now. No other course has been created like this one so don't miss out on this unique opportunity to learn these new techniques.